The Skyline Queenstown

New ZealandQueenstown
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It’s a beautiful Thursday morning in Queenstown, which makes up for quite an average nights sleep. It may have been because of how well we slept on the Hilton beds, it may not have been. But I’m awake and I’m awake early enough to watch the sky begin and just early enough to remember to […]

The Jump

New ZealandQueenstown
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The car ride up was bumpy. Really bumpy, but I don’t remember it being this bloody rugged. Maybe it was because my heart was pounding, beating savagely, contemplating whether I should say my goodbyes or not, that I had lost all sense of time and direction. We sit in the van that is taking us […]

The Honourable Jucy – Milford Sound

Milford SoundNew Zealand
April 20, 2017 / By / Post a Comment
We didn’t feel like we needed to rush, getting here with plenty of time to make our way to the terminal. We even played with what we thought was a parrot and to our amazement, ended up being a Kia! One more bucket list item ticked in New Zealand. The walk out to terminal was […]


ArrowtownNew Zealand
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Since breaking my knee, it was decided that we would re-route through the middle of the South Island rather than test my knee on the glaciers of the West Coast. In doing this, we missed out on Wanaka and its infamous One Tree Lake. Somehow, a free day opened up on our trip, probably because […]
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